Tiffanie’s Home!

Tiffanie Cohen stretched her legs and shifted in her seat as the pilot's voice came over the intercom. "We'll be landing in approximately fifteen minutes, Mrs. Cohen," he said. "We aren't expecting any turbulence so you're in for a smooth ride." "Thank God for that," she said to her agent, Angela Edwards. "I'm looking forward… Continue reading Tiffanie’s Home!


Out With A Bang

"My brother was a beacon of light in this community. He was an officer of the law, a husband, father, and dear friend. He was quick to help those in need and always had a kind word for anyone who needed one." Cameron Sawyer's voice rang out through the church as he looked out over… Continue reading Out With A Bang


Welcome To San M!

This sprawling coastal city is home to many festivals, businesses, and artists. From the eclectic Spice Market to the vibrant Arts Quarter and everywhere in between, there's something for everyone here. Plenty of people choose to come here in pursuit of their dreams, and this blog is about their stories. Harlow and Alex Goth came… Continue reading Welcome To San M!