Tiffanie’s Home!

09-04-17_7-14-17 PM.png

Tiffanie Cohen stretched her legs and shifted in her seat as the pilot’s voice came over the intercom. “We’ll be landing in approximately fifteen minutes, Mrs. Cohen,” he said. “We aren’t expecting any turbulence so you’re in for a smooth ride.”

“Thank God for that,” she said to her agent, Angela Edwards. “I’m looking forward to getting home to see Wolfgang and Jesse.”

Angie smiled at Tiffanie. “You really miss the little man, don’t you?”

“Yeah, both of them,” Tiffanie laughed. “Don’t get me wrong, Paris was amazing and I love the fall collections I get to wear, but after a couple days I really miss my family. FaceTime just isn’t the same, you know?”

Angie nodded. “Believe me, I understand. You’ll have a couple weeks off before the fashion show, and I’ll tell everyone not to contact you on pain of death.” She smiled at her client. “You have my word.”

“You really are an angel,” Tiffanie said, nudging her friend.

09-04-17_10-45-19 PM.png

It hasn’t been easy for Tiffanie to be away from her husband and son while shooting ads overseas. She’s been modeling since she was a teenager and has built up a solid career over the past decade. Private jets and exotic locations don’t matter as much to her as her family does, however, and after several months away she’s happy to be getting home.

The plane taxied down the runway and came to a stop. Gathering her carry-on, Tiffanie stepped off the plane and walked into the airport. Bidding goodbye to her team, she picked up her suitcase and went outside to hail a cab. Lucky for her, the paparazzi hadn’t managed to discover her arrival time so when she stepped out through the glass doors it was blissfully quiet.

09-04-17_10-56-53 PM.png09-04-17_11-22-59 PM.png

As the taxi headed over the bridge toward Uptown, Tiffanie texted her husband to see if their son was still awake. He replied that Jesse was sleeping but he was still awake and looking forward to seeing her. Tiffanie smiled to herself and leaned against the window, shutting her eyes. Before long, she fell asleep in the cab.

She awoke to the driver gently calling her name. “We’re here, miss,” he said. Tiffanie thanked him and gave him a generous tip before stepping out of the car and looking up at her apartment building. She and Wolfgang took over the lease a few years ago and completely redid the place. SimTV even did a feature on it last year.

09-04-17_11-29-42 PM.png

Wolfgang was sitting on the couch watching action movies when Tiffanie walked in the door. He looked up at her and smiled before jumping off the couch to embrace her. She jumped up into his arms and he smiled wickedly, dipped her, and then pulled her close to him and kissed her for a long time.

“I missed you,” he whispered against her lips when they parted.

“I missed you, too,” Tiffanie replied, and rested her forehead against his. “I’ll show you just how much I missed you once I’ve given Jesse a goodnight kiss.”

09-04-17_11-33-39 PM.png09-04-17_11-33-54 PM.png09-04-17_11-36-44 PM.png

Tiffanie swatted Wolfgang’s butt as she walked past him down the hallway to her son’s room. He was sleeping peacefully and Tiffanie felt her heart squeeze with love for him. Becoming a mom changed everything about Tiffanie’s life, it gave her purpose and more love than she thought was even possible. She walked over to the bed and leaned down, smoothing the covers over the sleeping toddler and kissing his forehead.

“I love you, Jesse,” she whispered. “Sweet dreams.”

09-04-17_11-43-40 PM.png

Shutting the door softly behind her, Tiffanie turned to find Wolfgang smirking at her. She winked at him and hooked her finger into his waistband, pulling him toward their room.

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