Welcome To San M!

This sprawling coastal city is home to many festivals, businesses, and artists. From the eclectic Spice Market to the vibrant Arts Quarter and everywhere in between, there’s something for everyone here.

Plenty of people choose to come here in pursuit of their dreams, and this blog is about their stories. Harlow and Alex Goth came here to be artists. The Rockwells came to expand their tech company. The Fernandez family made San M their home base while they took to the stars and pursued science. For Daniella and Shane Hampton, it was a new start after a family tragedy. The people are as unique as the places, and with 14 families with close ties to San M, I’ve got a lot of ground to cover. You’ll find posts from different family members, news articles from The San Myshuno Chronicle, and we’ll even cross over into The Sims 3 with The Keller Files (but more on that later).

For a detailed overview of the families I’m playing, go HERE. You can find links to family trees there and get to know the community a little better.

Welcome to San Myshuno.



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